The Welcome Cabinet

The   Welcome   Cabinet
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Recent Post by Mari (Nov 14, 2019 15:51:33 GMT -8)

The Basics of Li

Rules, plot, reference lists, and other important world information. Guest friendly thread for questions.

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Recent Post by WolfEx (Oct 1, 2021 23:18:13 GMT -8)

October Event: Jack And The Black Hole Curse

Important staff and site wide announcements.

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Recent Post by Sunnivale (Oct 6, 2021 13:04:46 GMT -8)

Here comes a new challenger!

Introduce yourself to the friendly community, or tell us if you'll be away

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Recent Post by Blade Unlimited (Dec 3, 2021 12:59:28 GMT -8)

Kamen Rider Whitelist Test

Feedback is always appreciated!

The Birthing Grounds

The   Birthing   Grounds
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Recent Post by Alviss (Dec 5, 2021 8:14:43 GMT -8)

Alviss's Smash Journal

This is where all the characters of the Super Smash Brothers universe come to be born into the scarce planet of Li to rid it of evil and chaos.

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Recent Post by TartoonHand94 (Dec 6, 2021 4:17:40 GMT -8)

The Galactic Phantom: Team Galactic is here! (Mission)

This is where those unaffected by the Starvia disease come to socialize, rest, and refresh before going back out to the dangerous lands of Li. It is protected by a gigantic force field which was made with technology similar to Samus Aran's home of Tetra, and of the technology she had gathered on planet Zebes before it was destroyed.

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Recent Post by Alviss (Dec 5, 2021 7:28:12 GMT -8)

Alviss' Plotter and Test Area

Have some side plots you want to share? Are you looking for people to plot with? Have some modifications for your character with the main plot? Everything plot and story wise is discussed here for your character(s) and connections with the main site plot as well.

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Recent Post by Alviss (Dec 4, 2021 14:05:14 GMT -8)

Cool's Gacha Machine Character Poll

Here you may post about anything that isn't related to the SSB: Li forum.

Black Hole

Black   Hole
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Recent Post by ()

The Black Hole mysteriously existing on the planet Li has evolved. It will now allow you to teleport to your character's regions and worlds as well as others, and partake in adventures together with other Li warriors in an alternate dimension before the big explosion that tore all the worlds apart. Fight in your home world against familiar enemies under a common goal with other Li characters, or fight in theirs!

The Shimmering Wastelands

The   Shimmering   Wastelands
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Recent Post by Raffideux (Nov 10, 2021 13:16:26 GMT -8)

To Slay a Goddess (Mission)

The forgotten ruins of the once idolized Mushroom Kingdom. After the big collapse of Subspace, Mario never got the chance to revisit his homeland. Luckily, most of the kingdom's residents made it safely to Life Sphere Central. This area of ruin is said to be the safest to adventure in due to the low activity of Starvia.

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Recent Post by Blade Unlimited (Dec 3, 2021 12:41:04 GMT -8)


Hyrule took the brunt of the explosion following the subspace emissary, with Link and Princess Zelda originally thought to be the only known survivors. The remains of Hyrule Castle Town are almost completely destroyed, with Hyrule Castle itself having weathered somewhat intact thanks to its far stronger building material. It is said that the Hyrulian Fields outside Castle Town are haunted by the undead at night.

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Recent Post by jokerjay779 (Nov 26, 2021 16:35:16 GMT -8)

The Underground City! (Mission)

This gargantuan domed metroppolis city was settled by X after the near destruction of all life on the planet as a refuge for survivors after the Elf Wars. It now stands as an eerie reminder of a legendary hero turned mad perfection obsessed dictator's attempt to create a utopia. The inside of the city is home to several synthetic forests that were used to produce food and an enormous tower named Yggdrasil at its center that is home to a dark secret. However, the life support systems have been disabled and most of the people who called this city home are now infected.

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Recent Post by cynda1 (Nov 20, 2021 0:07:36 GMT -8)

The Sacrilege Before Solstice (MISSION)

The remnants of Sector X's secrets lay to waste across miles of dusted fields, emitting electromagnetic pulses that can fry electronics. Corneria's Armada litters the area in piles of wreckage, housing everything a star cruiser might need to support its city sized crew such as long term food storage, medical units, research facilities, etc. Somewhere amidst the shambles is Andross' derelict weapons base, its defenses still active.

Outer Plains

Outer   Plains
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Recent Post by AnT (Dec 5, 2021 13:47:07 GMT -8)

A Mysterious Organization (Mission)

This is where Samus crashed her ship when arriving on Li, much of it having been taken underground in pieces. A vast complex of cavernous, mazelike tunnels waits to be explored just under the acid-washed surface. The upper levels, called Brinstar, are lush with life including a flooded region named Maridia. However, the area becomes steadily more hellish as one descends into the volcanically active region of Norfair.

Star Piece Meadow was created after Pop Star was blown away into bits after the explosion making a massive meadow of sparkly goodness. It is known to be one of the safest places of Li because of its extreme distance away from both Life Sphere Central and the extraction site of Tabuu's essence. But due to its distance, it is nearly impossible to reach. With the right crew, this wondrous bright place may reveal itself.

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Recent Post by Sunnivale (Nov 26, 2021 13:06:17 GMT -8)

Crown Quest (Mission)

Deep within this jungle, DK's destroyed treehouse now serves as a stomping grounds for a massive amount of infected. Surrounding the treehouse remains is a sea of luscious jungle, a rare sight for such a diseased planet. In addition to that, the terrain itself seems to have a mind of its own. Littered within the trees are ancient temples from a forgotten civilization and mage eating plants that won't hesitate to give you a nibble if you let them.

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Recent Post by Blade Unlimited (Nov 20, 2021 6:20:07 GMT -8)

The Village Part 2: Madness Within (Mission)

A great castle that is amazingly still standing but rather beat up from the impact. There is a mighty wind that constantly storms across this castle. The source of the wind is unknown, but legend states that the wind protects a wealth of treasure no man has ever seen before. Once part of a mighty kingdom known as Renais, this castle is now a lone structure not fond of visitors. Weather conditions are bearable, but not easily tread.

The Polluted Coast

The   Polluted   Coast
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Recent Post by jokerjay779 (Oct 30, 2021 17:10:25 GMT -8)

Turning over a New Leaf // Mission

Several magical worlds represented by rides, games, and all sorts of entertainment in this amusement park. The floating wonder was soon host to a tragedy from the Starvia, infecting the animatronics and visitors. The ruined carnival is ripe with material supplies for the Life Sphere and rumored to have energy sources.

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Recent Post by cynda1 (Dec 5, 2021 14:46:32 GMT -8)

A Sonic Speed Rescue (Mission)

This spitting image of Emerald Coast never sees sunshine as a dark cloud constantly looms over it distorting the life beneath into hideous creations. This is a favorite spot for infected to occupy due to the immense darkness that encompasses it. Whomever ventures here may not be able to stay long without being infected, but the mysteries here are well sought after.

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Recent Post by Doctor Ciel (Nov 30, 2021 12:25:54 GMT -8)

Aftermath of Sin: A Tango with Death (Mission)

Porky had created a factory before the disease of Starvia spread on Li to experiment on a cure to this disease. But it was overrun before completion by the infected alarming Porky that the disease had spread faster than he could imagine. Using one of his famous machines Porky escaped leaving behind valuable technology and experimental chemicals. The factory is a vital key to ending this disease.

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Recent Post by Maverick Hunter Zero (Nov 30, 2021 17:43:43 GMT -8)

Father Time and Mother Night

Venturing down the rocky coastline of Li, one may find themselves in a secluded cove home to a vast number of wild pokemon. For unknown reasons, they remain uninfected. A large cave system lines the mountainous walls of the cove, some call it Victory Road, and a chilly forest reminiscent of Sinnoh lines the shore area. Other such relics can be seen peeking from the sea, it is said the magical artifact known as the sundial is hidden among them.

The Western Hemisphere

The   Western   Hemisphere
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Recent Post by Rina (Jul 25, 2021 16:56:22 GMT -8)

[Mission] ARS Treasure Hunt

A dark landscape broken by pools of molten rock, ancient battlefields, and the ruins of an old city that came from an alien planet. What used to be a main stronghold for an alien race had turned into a black wasteland thanks to the Starvia. This burning continent is now mostly abandoned, save for the occasional wildlife scrambling to survive inside the empty city and forts. Only meant to be braved by the toughest of fighters, Cauldros challenges any daring to enter it and explore due to weather oddities such as electromagnetic storms. However, the technology hidden throughout the land might be worth retrieving.

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Recent Post by Mr. Game & Watch (Nov 26, 2021 18:41:05 GMT -8)

Threat Code Xelot: Breeding Evil (MISSION)

Deep within this icy mountain range lays a mammoth of a mountain caked with ice and constantly stricken by a never ending snow storm. The Ice Climbers, Nana and Popo would train religiously upon its peak to become stronger. Sadly, the Starvia has reached even this distant place, and the enemies here are incredibly powerful forced to adapt in such harsh conditions. Braving this mountain will be a feat.

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Recent Post by TheSpatialWeeg (Jun 11, 2021 20:30:39 GMT -8)

The Search for Impa (Mission)

Once home to a bustling eastern-rural town, Madou Village was devastated by the starvia and is now overrun with monsters. These monsters tend to swarm the village at night. It is rumored that the Magic School inside the village might contain valuable books and artifacts covering magical topics. A sturdily built, enormous eldritch tower lies not far off from the village in Satan's Villa. It is home to countless maze-like floors that seem to have been designed deliberately to make the tower difficult to navigate, leaving it unknown just what lays in wait for adventurers brave enough to scale it.

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Recent Post by heirtothemonado (Nov 1, 2021 17:00:50 GMT -8)

Next Xenith: Back into the Bull's Pen // Mission

WARNING: This is the most dangerous and restricted area of the planet Li. It is heavily advised nobody proceeds unless they are of a high rank and move forward with EXTREME caution. There is no known information about this isolated miniature island except that a strange glow seems to shine above it every now and then and news of Tabuu's remains resting on the small island. It is not recommended to come alone.

Downtown Addy

Downtown   Addy
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Recent Post by LilliannaV (Nov 27, 2021 13:18:26 GMT -8)

The Falling Darkness

Guest friendly advertisement and affiliation board. No boards above PG13 rating.

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