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Aquas was met with a similar fate to most universes that collided onto Li, as what remains of the oceanic planet is a massive undersea trench. It is referred to as the Aquas Depths now and has become home to ruins, a vast variety of infected sea life, and the leftover pollution from Andross’s exploits. While the surface of the trench area has relatively low Starvia activity, the deeper someone goes into the trench the higher Starvia activity appears. All the way to the bottom, where the water has grown dark with the infection’s influence and survival is near impossible. There seems to be rumors of a massive creature at the bottom surrounded by a shell of Shadow Bugs that guards a massive fortune, which attracts many treasure hunters.

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Triple Threat (Mission)

A once thriving and trade savvy town had been reduced to a small collection of skyscrapers and cruise ship shaped space crafts. The towers on their own act as gigantic mazes, though quite treacherous to enter. As some of the collapsed buildings show, they are likely to fall over themselves at a moment’s notice. This is a common site for looters due to the wealth of resources within both the ships and the trade centers. Visitors are warned though, a titanic, yet immobile, infected R.O.B. safeguards the area. Most attempts to destroy it only caused it to be rebuilt by the infected in the area.

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This strange fortress is designed more like an ancient prison on a scale far larger than any humanoids, with plenty of open plains filled with trees and shrubbery. Beware, the RedEye tribe, groups of T-Rex esque dinosaurs, calls the walled city home and will happily and violently devour visitors. You can sometimes find other dinosaurs lurking here, not even they can avoid the RedEyes hunger forever. Although it may seem impossible and dangerous, perhaps these powerful dinos could be turned into powerful allies under the right circumstances.

Sector X Crash Site

Sector X Crash Site
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Sector X

The remnants of Sector X's secrets lay to waste across miles of dusted fields, emitting electromagnetic pulses that can fry electronics. Corneria's Armada litters the area in piles of wreckage, housing everything a star cruiser might need to support its city sized crew such as long term food storage, medical units, research facilities, etc. Somewhere amidst the shambles is Andross' derelict weapons base, its defenses still active.

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