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Long forgotten in the skies above Hyrule Crater lies a land worn over by time. Barely spilling above the cloud barrier lies a chain of floating islands detached from the realm of Hyrule hovering high above the doomed land's petrified forests. Rumor has it that this place was once the original home of the Hylian People's descendants, however this is merely speculation. Many gatherings of floating earth are scattered in this small area nearly entirely sealed off from the world below and due to this nearly untouched by the Starvia. The largest of the islands can be identified by what seems to be an ancient village and town, the remains of some sort of giant humanoid statue resting near its center and numerous buildings overgrown with prospering, yet dangerous wildlife. Legends say however though that in the recent millennia a race of creatures had indeed taken up residence in this previously forgotten land, evidenced by new technological materials and structures visible on every other large mass resembling that of houses and cannons!

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The First Expedition (Mission)

These decrepit and mazelike tunnels underneath Hyrule traverse the entire region. Many dungeons from across the Zelda series have found their homes here under the earth, just waiting to be re-discovered. It's rumored that ancient treasures might lay within these puzzle-filled dungeons that might be of great benefit to errant heroes. Beware, however, as the tunnels are extremely decrepit and sometimes even flooded. There is little to no natural light and the undead that call this place their home and generally don't take kindly to visitors.

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The valley of the shadow of death [Mission]

Colloquially called Death Mountain, this volcanically active area of Hyrule is constantly pouring toxic smoke and deadly lava into the surrounding area, making it a very dangerous location to explore without protection of some sort. As a result, the creatures that call this place their home tend to be extremely hardy such as dodongos and infected gorons. Beware, the spray of toxic smoke, lava and debris grows more deadly as you approach the summit. It's rumored that there is actually an expansive dungeon within the volcano's rocky walls if you can withstand the heat.

Hyrule Crater

Hyrule Crater
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Hyrule Crater

Hyrule took the brunt of the explosion following the subspace emissary, with Link and Princess Zelda originally thought to be the only known survivors. The remains of Hyrule Castle Town are almost completely destroyed, with Hyrule Castle itself having weathered somewhat intact thanks to its far stronger building material. It is said that the Hyrulian Fields outside Castle Town are haunted by the undead at night.

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