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Instead of trees, this forest is made up of giant mushrooms! Since the onset of the Starvia the forest has grown out of control, resulting in a thick canopy of mushroom caps hanging overhead that plunge the area into an eternal dusk. Beware, for not only is the presence of Starvia quite high but terrible parasitic fungi spores can be found in alarming densities in the air. These spores range from nearly invisible to the naked eye to appearing like snow and will attempt to grow on unwary travelers, boring into their bodies with their tiny needle-like roots and wreaking havoc on their health and immune system, leaving them more vulnerable to the Starvia itself. It is advised to wash with water every half hour to remove them, as once they've rooted removal is quite painful and they will simply grow back without a deep cleaning. The dungeon-like forest floor is home to light-fearing creatures. It's not clear if they are resistant to the fungi or not, as they are rarely found in the later stages of infection.

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Strange Encounters of the Yoshi Kind

This part of the jungle was once home to bountiful fruit trees, but now all that's left is rot. The trees have mostly withered and rotten fruit lays strewn across the forest floor, giving off a raunchy smell. Deep within this jungle, however, lies an old factory that used to process harvested fruit into jam and juice. There is a lot of resources that could be useful for running the Life Sphere to be found there, as well as the possibility of unspoiled food. Tread lightly though, for the factory is far from dead, and the equipment is quite lethal.

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The Forest of Pain 1-20 (Mission)

An absolutely enormous tree stretching several miles into the sky, this massive 'world tree' was grown by an isolationist race of nocturnal elves attempting to reclaim their immortality. Up in its mighty branches is basically an enormous island behind held up in the sky. The island, itself heavily forested and has its own ecosystem ranging from mountainous regions to lakes and ornate East Asia style villages. The wildlife here, much like the tree, is unusually big and ferocious in spite of the Starvia finding the area difficult to penetrate. Giant venomous spiders, manbears, and the occasional interloping demons await. Teldrassil is a goldmine of natural resources. However, the local night elves can be very xenophobic and are very protective of their home.

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Kongo Jungle

Deep within this jungle, DK's destroyed treehouse now serves as a stomping grounds for a massive amount of infected. Surrounding the treehouse remains is a sea of luscious jungle, a rare sight for such a diseased planet. In addition to that, the terrain itself seems to have a mind of its own. Littered within the trees are ancient temples from a forgotten civilization and mage eating plants that won't hesitate to give you a nibble if you let them.

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